Coming Warhorn releases, Autumn 2023

Our last release is almost dating back a whole year to December 2022, so it was about time to announce that our creative fire is still burning!

Music invasion in Tartu

The final concert revealed!

The location is changed – Rock ‘n Roll Tiigi 76a.

See you in front of the stage!

Do you know what’s the worst for a music scene?
When it’s not active, no concerts, no releases, and life is only filled with the monotony of everyday work.

Unlike Tallinn, Tartu is a small town of around 93.000 inhabitants and around 2,5h from the nearest airport. Which is situated, as you may have guessed, in Tallinn.

Tarbathian Vinyl Mayhem!

Recently we have realized that there wasn’t much going on since we’ve organized the “Tartu Under The Horns” screening. What’s the reason?

Ziegenhorn released a new full-length album

The name Ziegenhorn is not unheard of for some while now. In fact, they have gained some international success and performed at festivals such as Barther Metal Open Air – a truly cozy event with a great atmosphere where you can tent in the forest. Also one of the few festivals that has not diverged far from black metal other than a slight infection of folk metal in its line-ups.

Tartu Under The Horns

Tartu Under The Horns – third documentary in the series of Undergrounded magazine from Germany was premiered at Tartu Elektriteater on 23. of September and on the following day at Black Magic Estonia, Tallinn. Both of the events ended with a commentary from the film creators, Q & A and a concert.

Setooniq album release

The psychedelic black metal act Langenu from Tartu, Estonia will release their brand new EP “Setooniq” this October. The four track recording is unique for its pervasive use of Seto language in the lyrics. Seto is a Baltic Finnic language spoken by only ca 10 000 – 12 000 people mostly in South-East Estonia.


Our Pergerus collective has a new website! We will be posting news that are related to our Tarbathian scene every once in a while.