Ulguränd is a blackened heavy metal band that describes their style as ragnarok’n’roll. Keeping alive the flame of the Estonian pagan black metal movement that itself began on the 2nd half of the 90’s, Ulguränd’s lyrical topics focus on the travels through time and space, especially paying homage to the events of the Viking Age and the ancient mythologies.


Ulguränd was formed in early 2011 by the members of the Tartu black metal acts Langenu and Tapper. Throughout the years the band’s line-up has changed considerably, leaving the lead guitarist/vocalist 695 as the sole original member. The band self-released a self-named EP in 2019 and has appeared on „Trench Art – A Tribute to Loits“ (2016) as well as the split album of nine Tartu extreme metal bands „Tarbathian Fortress“ (2020) with a song „Lõõm“ (’Blaze’).

Known for its sheer live energy, Ulguränd has played on many stages in Estonia – most notably in summer festivals Barbar Feast (2021) and Hard Rock Laager (2022) – but also in Latvia and Lithuania.

Vocals, Guitars – 695

Bass, back – Kaarel
Guitar, back – Anto

Drums – Ausin


Recorded at – Pergerus, Pergerus Stuudio

Mastered by – Fen, Maddy

Artwork by – Skaðvaldur

Tarbathian Fortress

Nine band split 2020

Vocals, Guitars – 695

Bass, Vocals– Kaarel
Guitar – Eric

Drums – Ausin


Recorded at – Pergerus

Mastered by – Kaarel, Maddy

Artwork by – Milda D.


Demo 2019

Vocals, Guitars – 695

Bass – Kaarel
Guitar – Eric

Drums – Koljat


Production by – Flak’n’Roll Records

Trench Art - A Tribute to Loits

Tribute double album 2016

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