At a time when darkness engulfs the days and they grow shorter, a new glimmer emerges from the inner circles of Tartu's metal scene, Wolf's Crown. The duo welcomes winter with their debut album The Hunt, which embraces the ever-changing nature of nature in a melancholic yet powerful black metal that's something entirely new in this far-flung corner of the world.

Tiit Pähnapuu

“The Hunt” is a tale in four chapters about the surrender of the crown of the autumn king to the ruler of winter, as it takes place every year in nature. Arrangement writer and multi-instrumentalist Tiit Pähnapuu has revealed his more melodic side in contrast to his previous no-nonsense crust death metal creations like SWARN (and the album’s music was written in just two weeks, by the way). According to the band’s second half, vocalist Kruksator (DEATH KOMMANDER; DEMONIC OBEDIENCE, ZIEGENHORN), he got inspiration for the lyrics years ago while living in Norway, but only WOLFSKRONE gave him the chance to put those thoughts and feelings into actual words to understand. Now is the perfect time for that kind of deliverance—that cold, dark, and cruel end of the year, when nature’s resurrection is but a distant memory.

Vocals – Kruksator

Instruments – Tiit Pähnapuu


Recorded, mixed, mastered at – Northern Terror Studios

Artwork by – Tiit Pähnapuu, Keiu Grossberg

the Hunt

Album 2021

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